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This week: Are You Actually Getting Work Done at Home? (Some tips to help)

Now that many folks in the West started working from home (WFH), an episode on the ABC podcast “Ten Percent Happier” called ‘How to Actually Get Work Done at Home’ arrived at the perfect time. Let’s dig into it…

Not only did it tackle major problems of WFH such as distraction/ isolation or balancing family life, but it also talked about how practicing mindfulness can get us through this difficult period of time.

The following points particularly resonated with me:

Create Space & Schedule

It’s unrealistic for everyone to renovate their residential space into offices, but it IS essential to create a proper space that is designated for work. Even if it’s a space in the closet! At the same time, set a schedule with your family (and pets, but good luck!) so they know when work-time and playtime is.

“Give Me a Break!”

You might have heard of the “The Pomodoro Technique”, i.e, taking a 5-minute break after every 25 minutes of work. The human brain can’t focus on a single task for long periods, therefore, taking deliberate breaks every hour helps to reset and reactivate ourselves.

There are other variations out there, such as “The Rule of 52 and 17” (work for 52 and break for 17 minutes), or breaking after every 45 minutes when you are working. The key here is to set a timer! Allow yourself to fetch a drink, stretch your body, or play with your pets. It’s also a brilliant time to do some laundry. 😉

Communicate with Intent

WFH requires us to communicate clearly with our family, especially with our spouse/partner. Don’t “assume” each other is on the same page, make time to check-in at the end of the day. Maybe it hasn’t been a great day, maybe you need extra support from your partner. While sharing how you feel and where you are at, appreciate them for what they are doing for the family. Together=stronger.

Don’t Forget to Laugh!

When we think about resilient people, we notice that most of them are humorous characters. Being able to find laughter at the toughest time is a beautiful trait of the human race. When we don’t take things so personally and try to find humor in a dire situation, we are mending our body and soul. We are also sending ourselves an unspoken message: I promise, you’ll get through this. 

Offer yourself some daily light-hearted moments. Rewatch your favorite funny movie. Check out some standup comedy shows on Netflix. Facetime your friends and reminisce silly antidotes. When we are laughing, we are feeling less fearful and more hopeful.

Enjoy this podcast and let me know what your thoughts are! Stay safe. Till next week!

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