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"You cannot master anything — your business, your relationships or your finances — unless you first learn how to master yourself by disempowering your SABOTEURS."
-Tony Robbins
This masterclass is of great benefit if you are:

Understanding your saboteurs is the essential key to improve your mental fitness: your ability to handle life challenges with a positive rather than negative mindset.

This FREE masterclass consists of 4 sessions, each session ranges from 22 to 29 minutes:

Hi I’m Moon!

I’m a certified Positive Intelligence® coach who is passionate about helping stressed out, anxious professionals and entrepreneurs to strengthen their Mental Fitness, so they are HAPPY and PRESENT with their life.

I have over a decade of working experience as a corporate sales executive and understand first-hand what stress can do to our bodies. What’s interesting was that even when I was achieving the goals that were set for/by me, I was STILL unhappy and felt like a failure in life. This caused more stress and anxiety in return. In 2017, when I was going through a challenging period in my personal relationship, I realized how crucial it is to take care of my mental health. That really motivated me to find ways to develop and improve my mental fitness.

Now after studying and working extensively on my own saboteurs and my coaching clients’ for the past 4 years, I can tell you all those stress and anxiety were caused by my saboteurs and they were in fact, optional! I didn’t have to be constantly weary and fearful to perform or achieve. Neither do you!

My intention for creating this masterclass is for you to see how the saboteurs are the ROOT causes for all your negative emotions, that you are NOT your saboteurs and you are capable and worthy of much more in life! Mastering your saboteurs is the first step to mastering your life.



“This masterclass has helped me on self-acceptance. I began to see the cruel reality of what I was doing to myself and that I don’t need to be so hard on myself all the time!!! I would recommend this class to anybody who is having issues with their identity, self-confidence or self-esteem. Moon is very articulate and I really enjoyed the 4 sessions!”

“I found this masterclass to be relaxed and informative. The slides were very good as they gave me more understanding to each saboteur. I also like how the class was presented in separate sessions and the reflective questions help me to think deeper. This class would definitely help a lot of people to understand how their negative thought patterns developed! Overall I would give it 10/10. “