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Hi, I’m Moon! An ICF Impact Award-winning coach who believes in the power of self-awareness and connection. It all starts with being in command of our minds. I look forward to working with you!

A Glimpse into My Journey

Growing up in a Chinese family that valued academic prowess, I was immersed in a world where knowledge was cherished and curiosity was nurtured. My grandmother’s remarkable story of resilience and my parents’ strong emphasis on learning instilled within me a hunger for understanding the world around me.
From the tender age of 7, I found solace and excitement within the pages of classical Chinese literature and timeless tales. My weekends were dedicated to exploring new worlds through books, and forging a lifelong connection with the power of knowledge.
Raiding my father’s book stash introduced me to diverse narratives – from the enchanting Arabian Nights to the haunting Wuthering Heights. These books opened my eyes to a vast canvas of cultures, histories, and countries, igniting a spark of curiosity that would shape my path.
As a teenager, fueled by dreams of fluency in English and traversing the globe, I embarked on a journey that would lead me to the United Kingdom and across five continents. What had begun as a childhood passion became the compass guiding my transformative journey – a journey that taught me the profound value of self-awareness and inspiration.

Cultivating My Sage Power

Sage power isn’t just knowledge; it’s the courage to make daring decisions, the ability to commit to a genuinely happy life, and the strength to overcome challenges.
Life’s journey isn’t without its trials. I’ve faced moments when the rug was pulled from beneath me, triggering waves of uncertainty and doubt. These experiences, from teenage struggles to a significant challenge in 2017, led me to seek purpose and empowerment.
I journeyed to California and Bali for meditation retreats, worked with psychologists and coaches, and delved into books on spirituality and neuroscience. Through tears and stumbling, I uncovered a powerful truth: the essence of self-agency – the ability to take command of my life, trust myself, and impact the world around me.
Learning to embrace self-agency isn’t just about insights; it’s about embodying it in every step you take. It’s about breathing life into your potential, walking the path with purpose, and living it with intention.

Together on the Path

My coaching is centered on fostering self-agency through a partnership we create together. Infused with mindfulness, compassion, and playfulness, our collaboration will empower you to master your mental fitness, transform challenges into opportunities, and chart a course toward a life marked by resilience, joy, and profound impact.
I’m committed to partnering with organizations that prioritize humanity, equality, diversity, and sustainable business practices. With over a decade of work experience in both Eastern and Western cultures, I bring a unique blend of cultural insight, business acumen, and coaching expertise to the table. My mission is to bridge cultural divides within multi-cultural organizations, creating an environment where excellence thrives.
My extensive background enables me to navigate the complexities of multi-cultural environments, fostering collaboration, understanding, and inclusivity within leadership teams. Together, we’ll not only unlock your potential but also create a lasting positive impact on your organization and the world.

Moon’s Credentials

Moon brings a wealth of experience to her coaching journey, having spent over 16 years in B2B sales. Her professional odyssey has led her through multifaceted roles, from sales executive and project manager to senior business consultant. Moon’s path has been illuminated by collaborative ventures with industry titans like PSA Peugeot Citroen and China General Nuclear Power Group, where she contributed significantly to language and cultural training projects.

Driven by her fascination with human nature and potential , Moon embarked on a pivotal shift in 2017 – transitioning from business consulting to leadership coaching in both Mandarin and English. Armed with training and credentials from esteemed institutions such as the Co-Active Training Institute (CTI), International Coaching Federation, and Positive Intelligence, Moon has honed her skills to empower both individuals and organizations.

Her dedication has borne fruit through collaborations with prominent corporations such as John Lewis and Partners, Siemens, and Shell, where she has facilitated Mental Fitness Training programs. A testament to her excellence, Moon has earned a Coaching Impact Award from the International Coaching Federation, a recognition of her commitment to fostering positive change.
Beyond her professional journey, Moon’s curiosity and spirit thrive. An avid vipassana meditation practitioner, she finds joy in exploring culinary delights, traversing new landscapes, connecting with nature, and watching true crime documentaries.
Currently calling the West Midlands, UK her home, Moon stands as a guide, mentor, and advocate for personal growth, mental resilience, and impactful transformation.

Positive Intelligence

One of the first 22 coaches to become certified worldwide. CPQC is an emerging gold standard in coaching where I serve as a technology-enabled coach converting coaching insights into lasting new mental habits.

PQ Mastery

A world-class continual study and embodiment for Mental Fitness training.
A testament of my commitment to excellency and a mastery level of the PQ modality.

Coaching Impact Award

The ICF Coaching Impact Award celebrates the best of the profession and reflects the gold standard of the coaching industry. I was one of the four winners globally in the Professional Coaches catagory in 2023.


I am an Associate Certified Coach through vigorous credentialing process: Eudcation, Experience, Mentor Coaching, Performance Evaluation, and Examination.

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