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More than ever, we are facing an unprecedented urgency to look into our mental fitness and our way of being.

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Hi I’m Moon, Welcome!

I’m a certified Positive Intelligence® coach who focuses on building Mental Fitness and enhancing Self-agency with my clients.

Mental Fitness is the ability to meet life challenges with positive other than a negative mindset, while Self-Agency is the sovereignty to choose a heart-desired way of living and be responsible for it.
I work with Everyday Heroes who take great care of others and want to live a more balanced and heart-centered life.
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Coaching at Lunar

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If you answer “YES” to any of these questions, you’re in the right place. I can help you! 🙂


What I do as a Coach

"I provide one-on-one coaching sessions via Zoom with a "goal setting and accountability" system.
What you can expect from working with me include these areas:"

Intercept self-sabotaging belief systems and thought patterns


Cultivate a mindful lifestyle


Utilize ‘Positive Intelligence’ as a life skill


Enhance relationships with compassion


Strengthen mental fitness


Gain sovereignty and self-agency


  • Moon helped me realize my potential and creativity! I gained much clarity to cope with anxiety and depression and to work on my life purpose. I restarted doing my collage artwork and working on my family relationships, also reclaiming my power at work. My life has improved significantly in recent months, and I feel truly blessed and grateful for all her support throughout the sessions and her encouragement messages in between them. With the Positive Intelligence course, I learned how to turn challenges and setbacks into gifts and to switch into my Sage perspective, instead continuously getting hijacked by my Judge and saboteurs. It is a work in progress, my art and my life, but I regained my sense of purpose!

    Catarina P

    Teacher/Collage Artist, UK/Portugal
  • Working with Moon over the past few months has helped me understand myself and my inner being, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. I feel much more relaxed and confident, which prepares me to get back into interviews and employment. The world is a bright place event at its darkest time, I feel hopeful and positive!

    Mark D

    Ex-military, UK
  • I was a bit unsure if coaching was the right solution for me but decided to try something different and I couldn’t be happier that I did. Moon has left a footprint in my path that I will never forget!!! I am excited about my future and so much more confident and hopeful that I am in the right direction. I will fulfill my desires in my professional life as well as my personal development.  I just wish that I had taken this opportunity earlier in my life!

    Maria T

    Work and Health Programme Manager, UK
  • The coaching sessions with Moon have been very informative and have left me with ample motivation. In the sessions, you can expect some meditation practice, work on how to achieve your best, and how to soften the voices in your head that lead to negative actions. I really valued the 6-week program with Positive Intelligence. My relationship with my family has improved, and I feel calmer!

    Arjun N, UK

  • Being coached by Moon had a major positive impact on my life! Moon’s outlook on life was so inspiring as I was going through horrendous dark times. She showed me how to be with my emotions and concentrate on the things that mattered – more time for myself, being happy, taking the negatives and putting the positive thoughts in place, dealing with my anger, and so on. She is an amazing coach and an asset to have!


    David G

    Client Manager, UK
  • I’m so lucky to have met Moon and experienced her coaching. Her questions have been very inspiring and her follow-up during the sessions was consistent. She knew well how to motivate me and to explore my “unknown” self. I’ve decided to continue this interesting experience with her for more sessions!

    Danielle W

    Senior Product Sourcing Specialist, China/USA
  • With the recommendation of a friend,  I started coaching with Moon in 2018. Throughout these two years, she has helped me to think of solutions for myself.  I used to be a people pleaser and I was afraid of others’ criticisms. Now?  I love myself and I can say “No” to others! I’ve grown a lot and I’m much more confident. I’m grateful to have Moon by my side.

    Abby G, China

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